Privacy Policy

Let’s keep this simple!

I know a privacy policy that is simple. Impossible! 


Since this is a personal portfolio of sorts, I don’t log any user data or sell any of it. I do however use WordPress extensions and tools to help keep the site safe and protected. I also use them to add new features to the site when needed or wanted. These tools are third-party. (AKA not controlled nor made by me with the exception for the SpiffyPage extension for site building) These extensions minus SpiffyPage may log user data, activity, or IP address of those who visit. This data may be used by these companies for targeted advertising. This sadly is out of my control and is needed to keep this site running smoothly. Also, if you are signed into other sites like YouTube a Google Company, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, or any other modern social site then they will log data while on When I embed a video from YouTube or a post from my Facebook or Twitter that data is hosted on their servers and is simply being shown on my site. If you are logged into that external social site and you visit my page with the content from that external social site. You may see targeted ads or even have data logged that you visited my embed. Long story short any links to third-party sites will be gathering data and this type of data gathering is out of my control. That’s it. Yes, this is the whole policy no long legal copy that most of us don’t read. Now go on! Get back to exploring the rest of my site and thanks for stopping by!